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Have you ever had your carpets cleaned by a “professional” only to come home and have your carpets look none the better?
Some carpet cleaners just want your money, but we put our customer’s satisfaction above all else. We want happy and satisfied customers, always. We take great pride in our work and use the best equipment and latest industry techniques to clean your carpets to the highest standards and breathe new life into them.
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning

      Protect and deep clean your valued oriental rugs with Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration. We understand that every oriental rug is different and we pay special attention to your rug’s foundation material, fragility, and color stability. 

  • Persian Rug Cleaning

      Your persian rug is in good hands with Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration! We clean to your rug’s unique specifications without running the risk of damage. For a guaranteed clean, give us a call!

  • Area Rug Cleaning

      Our multi-step area rug cleaning process is guaranteed to leave you with a spotless clean. Our professionals inspect, dust, wash, remove stains/odor, groom, and protect your rug. Schedule a complimentary consultation now!

  • Water Damage Restoration

      Do not let water damage rain on your parade, the team at Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration is here for you! We are well versed in all of the latest techniques and will fully restore your carpet from any and all water damage. Call us now!

  • Pet Stain Removal

      Don’t dwell on pet accidents, call Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration. Our team of professionals will efficiently and effectively remove those pesky stains, leaving you with a clean and odor-free carpet. Schedule an appointment now!

  • Upholstery Cleaning

      Give Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration a call for all of your upholstery cleaning needs. We are the local experts who prioritize your needs every time. We use minimal water so that we can eliminate the risk of mold and reduce drying times. Call us today!

  • Carpet Stretching

      The carpet professionals at Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration can perform carpet stretching for you. We ensure that your carpet looks brand new and is attached to the wall tacts. We also specialize in re-installing your carpet anchors. Call us now for more information!

  • Leather Cleaning

      Do not risk harming your precious leather with any DIY cleaning techniques. Give the professionals at Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration a call for a guaranteed clean and safe service. We will have your leather in pristine condition in no time — reach out now. 


Homeowners aren’t always sure what to do after flooding happens in their home. At Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, we understand how frustrating and uncertain this type of situation is for you. We also know the importance of taking action right away. The faster you get rid of the water in your home, the less money it costs to repair the water damage.
Allowing moisture to get into the flooring, drywall, and other parts of the home lets mold form. Extracting the water minimizes flood damage and protects your home’s flooring.


Cleaning area rugs can be both tedious and laborious. Typically, you need to move furniture and take other precautions if you want to effetely clean the rug without damaging it. Aside from the effort and patience, you will need to put forward when cleaning your area rug, there are also some dangers and hazards that can go along with it. That’s why it is best to hire a professional.
At Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, every customer is valued. We know that your carpets and rugs are considered precious pieces of art, which is why we don’t just employ ordinary cleaning services.

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